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Requirement Analysis

A-231 Identify and describe output (artifact)

Identify and describe reports and listings.

Activity has to be run in Elaboration Phase (Iterative Activity)
Activity has to be run in Construction Phase (Iterative Activity)

All external artifacts which should be printed/produced or generated by the system have to be identified.

External artifacts are all things which fulfill the supporting business process or which are results from:

Examples could be:
It is not important to describe whether the artifacts are individually, standard or automatically generated nor what kind of medium they are (paper, fax, E-Mail, chip card, etc.).

Describe them on a list. Give each artifact a name (if possible a noun) and describe the content, aim and frequency (2 - 50 lines of text). Note also links on relevant patterns or the responsible persons. If artifacts should be changed make some notes (What has to be changed? When? Who needs it?)

Artifacts which should not be supported by the new system should be put on the exclusion list.





E-75 Catalogue of outputs



E-75 Catalogue of outputs

Special tools:

Responsible person:

.System Analyst

Involved persons:

.System Analyst
.Domain Expert


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