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A-26 Specify a dialog

Specify all single elements of a set of technical dialog elements in detail.

Activity must not run in Elaboration Phase (Iterative Activity)
Activity has to be run in Construction Phase (Iterative Activity)

A dialog is the summary of a quantity of dialog elements (data entry fields, buttons, etc.) of a set/group. The summarized elements mostly have a technical coherence.

To identify dialogs analyse the activity model systematically, if you have not done this yet. In which situation a dialog is needed? Identify and name elements of dialogs which are at the same technical level (e.g. all single data fields for address). Describe them by adding a note to the relevant system use case or describe them on a separate list. All needed dialog elements (widgets) have a name. Try to divide elements into necessary sets (each set has a name), if applicable. All single elements of a set should be detailed.

Describe each dialog essentially like that:

After this, specify them in detail. Define each element with:
If some details are unknown, try to make an assumption or use standard values. Make a note about this.


Dialog drafts are very important for the communication and discussion with the users and the special departments. It makes sense to start with them as soon as possible.




E-38 Activity Diagram



E-45 Dialog Component Specification
E-66 Dialog Prototype
E-7 Glossary

Special tools:

Responsible person:

.System Analyst

Involved persons:

.Dialog Developer


A-187 Define a technical architecture model
A-95 Identify and specify project external requirements

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