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A-175 Test enumerations (key values)

Analyse the enumerations which are used about their availability, completeness and correctness.

Activity has to be run in Construction Phase (Iterative Activity)
Activity has to be run in Transition Phase (Unique Activity)

Existing enumerations (key values) which are used without aney changes, have to be analyse if they work and if they are sensible and defined correctly. Because the enumerations are used in somewhere else, you can assume, that their datas are in general correct and quality checked. To check is only whether they are correct within the context of the new application or not.

Check new or changed enumerations whether their datas are technically correct and sensible or not. If this is already done (see also enumaration requirement), it won't be repeated.





E-96 Enumeration (key value) Requirement
E-95 Test plan



E-61 Test report

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.Tester (User)

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A-257 Update the test concept

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