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A-151 Realize and Test the Data Base Mapping (persistancy)

The mapping of the entity objects on the data base are realized by the set up of a pesistence service.

Activity has to be run in Elaboration Phase (Iterative Activity)

The relations between entity objects and their representation on the data base are realized during the running time by the persistence service. The persistence service has to make an image of the relations between objects and attributes on tables and columns of the data base and reverse.

It has be analysed in which format the data are saved in the object model and in the data base. These informations are fundamental for the realization of the data base mapping.

The persistence service consider:

See also Identify and specify data base queries.





E-65 Data Base Image/Mapping Specification
E-42 Data Base Scheme
E-50 Design class model



E-81 Code

Special tools:

Responsible person:

.Data Base Developer (AE)

Involved persons:

.Data Modeler


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