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A-134 Realize and test a domain related class

The necessary classes for a certain module will be programmed and tested according to the specification and test cases. The tests validate the completness and correctness of the requirements according to classes, which are or have to be implemented.

Activity must not run in Elaboration Phase (Accompanied Activity)
Activity has to be run in Construction Phase (Accompanied Activity)
Activity has to be run in Transition Phase (Exceptional Activity)

To implement the classes implement their specific operations in the programming language. A class consists of a defined part within an UML-modelling tool. Out of the modelling tool standard code (signatures of operations, attributes, get- and set-operations, attributes and and operations to implement assiciations, constraints, etc.) is generated.

Using the generated code, further details to fullfil the requirements will be programmed by using the defined programming environment. The programmer creates detailed, class specific test cases using the existing test cases as an input. Usually the existing test cases validate high-level-functionality of a subsystem, component or use case.

The developer validate with the help of the tests that the classes fit its defined requirements.

A few new operations are already found during the programming of the tests. Further detailling and implementing of these operation will lead to more necessary operations or to the need to redesign the existing operations.

The operations can be identified by answering the following questions: The determination of operations lead to a new understanding of the relations between classes. If possible, results, associations, aggregations, and inheritance have to be modified.

The specification of an operation consists of:





E-50 Design class model
E-143 Component Interface
E-20 Requirement specification
E-138 Test documentation



E-61 Test report

Special tools:

Responsible person:

.Application Developer

Involved persons:

.Test accomplisher


A-257 Update the test concept

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