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Environment and Batch

A-48 Develop and test an adapter for external interfaces

Develop adapter programs to connect external systems.

Activity has to be run in Elaboration Phase (Unique Activity)
Activity should be run in Construction Phase (Unique Activity)

Adapter programs are necessary to be able to call existing systems or external systems (e.g. mainframes) which have to be developed.

An adapter program has to be developed for each necessary interface. Following questions should be answered:

Realization: Produce Code and interfaces
In accordance with the specification of the adapter program the program is implemented on the mainframe. Take the guideline of the mainframe development into account.
Adapter programs change the data on the mainframe within the generic transaction into calls for sub programs and they converte the results of the sub programs in the other way. Adapter programs generally are not implemented in object-oriented programing languages like COBOL and includes in general the following tasks:
Is the adapter programm for implemention of queries needed, often the necessary sub programm is developed additionally.

The adapters with their behind existing mainframe applications are tested on
This should happen independent of the application, which has to be realized by dummy- or mock-objects, which are called directly by the adapter. The objects simulate the realization which has to be developed and run the tests automatically.


The Adapter programs are useful, to call a sub program on the mainframe in a standardized and universal interface (not a mainframe spezified interface).




E-9 Catalogue of system interfaces



E-63 Interface specification
E-61 Test report

Special tools:

Responsible person:

.Application Developer

Involved persons:

.Batch Developer
.Domain related Architect
.Interface Expert


A-257 Update the test concept

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