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E-78 Preliminary study

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This document contains an useful basis to decide about alternative solutions, the continuation of the project, etc. You could also use it as a functional concept for an external software development company.

Structure the preliminary study like this:

  • project aims
  • circumstance
  • chances
  • risks
  • profit criteries
  • weak points
  • external interfaces
  • alternative solutions
  • catalogue of consequences
  • profitability analysis of alternative solutions
  • use case overview
  • essential use case description
  • resource and cost estimation
  • rough project plan (milestones, resources)
  • recommendation of action
  • decision
The preliminary study also includes:
  • List of information sources and contact partners
  • Actor diagram
  • Is-State. Use interviews to get a rough outline of the current situation.
  • Analyse requirements. Collect the most important functional and non-functional requirements by asking the specialists, ask also about the ideal objectives of the stakeholders. Results: Protocols.
  • Describe the environment. How is the environment of the new system? How does it work? Results: Infrastructure model, which describe hardware, software, network and middleware technology and -architecture.
  • Identify use cases. What is the definition of the use cases that the system is supposed to support? Make a short list about the names of the most important use cases. If possible descripe each use case briefly with one or two sentences. Result: Use case overview
  • Priorities. Focal points are defined and priorities assigned. Which problems are most urgent to be solved, which ones can wait? Result: Framework concept.
  • Alternative solutions. Develop different alternative solutions. Which alternatives are useful and relevant? What kind of solutions are possible for very urgent problems? Result: Presentation of alternative solutions.
  • Recommendation. Evaluate the solution alternatives, if necessary make some profitability analyses. Result: Recommendation.
  • Further action. Plan the further action for the chosen alternative. Recommendation for further ongoing.
The preliminary study is the collection of all items. You should write the preliminary study before starting a new project. It helps you to define the general aims and to get a feeling about the risk and chances of the new project.
It depends on the risk and consequences for the customer how detailed a preliminary study should be.

Result contains:

Use case overview
Essence of Use Cases
Effort estimation
Project risks
Project success criterias
Catalogue of batch-programs
Catalogue of reference documents
Catalogue of project-external requirements and supplier services
Catalogue of outputs
Catalogue of system interfaces
Catalogue of non-functional requirements
Evalutaion of economic efficiency


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A-128 Define a preliminary study

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