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E-1 Project order

Belong to:


Is part of:

E-83 Software development schedule
E-35 Planning folder


The project order includes following informations:

  • name of the project
  • client
  • contractor, if necessary
  • project leader
  • project members, if necessary
  • content of the project
  • exclusion of the project
  • motivation (Why does the project exist?)
  • imagination of the effort and dates of the client (planned budget, start date, final date, defined mile stones)
  • project aims (What should be realized with the project? What will be the project success?)
  • relevant project groups and their members (e.g. steering board)
  • exceptionals

Result contains:


Possible status:

  • doing
  • guilty

  • Producing or changing from:

    A-2 Define the project aims and the project order.Coordinate them with each other iteratively.
    A-252 Restructurine Workshop

    Is needed for:

    A-128 Define a preliminary study
    A-195 Identify Stakeholders
    A-226 Requirement workshop
    A-252 Restructurine Workshop
    A-294 coming soon
    A-147 Describe a project conclusion report
    A-300 Plan the test strategy
    A-302 Test the release


  • does unspoken expectations exist?
  • do the client and conctractor think that the project order is sensible?

  • Patter/Example:

    : :

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