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E-9 Catalogue of system interfaces

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E-20 Requirement specification
E-78 Preliminary study
E-83 Software development schedule
E-69 Architecture- and program description


Collect all relevant system interfaces for the new system and describe them. Then, describe for each interface:

  • name of the interface
  • short description (2 - 10 lines of text)
  • degree of complexity of the interface [complex | standard | simple]
Describe further details, if known:
  • exclusion note, if applicable
  • names of the external systems which are concerned (program names, transaction names, etc.)
  • type of interface: synchronous (functional interface), asynchronous (data exchange, e.g. via files, database tables or queues)
  • direction of interface: reading, writing
  • frequency of activation, distribution by time of day (e.g. once a day, approx. 1000 times a day, etc.)
  • data volume per activation (in bytes)
  • importance of interface (important | standard | secondary)
  • possible contact partners, references, documents
  • special features

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Producing or changing from:

A-7 Identify and Classify System Interfaces
A-226 Requirement workshop

Is needed for:

A-48 Develop and test an adapter for external interfaces
A-15 Requirement specification
A-7 Identify and Classify System Interfaces
A-228 Requirement workshop
A-246 Develop a Sub System Model and a first draft of the business class model, if necessary
A-232 Develop a design class modell and an evaluated sub system model
A-260 Develop a domain architecture model



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