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E-59 Testcase

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E-138 Test documentation


A testcase is a description of a concrete test including all relevant data entries and results.

The testcase describes the flow of the test and the test datas by using its relevant properties. Depending on the type of a test case, the basis to find a test case is the specification or the implementation. Differ between the test case flow and the test data, that you are able to do the test flow with different test data records.

One test data consists of:

  • Data entry
  • Shall data
One data entry consists of:
  • tupel of testvalues for all input variables
  • if necessary, state and value of all persistent data
  • if necessary, non-persistent program states or data states
The shall-data is the result for a specific date entry which is on basis of the specification. The actual data is the concrete result of the testcase which is be done on basis of a special entry date. After the test case is run, compare the actual data with the shall data.

Requirements on test cases:
  • Effectivity: High propability to find a mistake.
  • Meaningfullness: Different and independent tests are to be bundled.
  • Economic behaviour of evaluation and feasibility.
  • Durable and continuable to develop.

Result contains:


Possible status:

  • in preparation
  • aggreed
  • actively in test
  • stopped
  • automated

  • Producing or changing from:

    A-61 Produce/Define test cases
    A-229 Detail system use case

    Is needed for:

    A-153 Run the User Test
    A-51 Test the sub system



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