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E-96 Enumeration (key value) Requirement

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Specification of an enumeration which has to be set of and wich has to be developed external.

The requirement consists of following informations:

  • Domain name of the enumeration
  • Name of the enumeration type (class name)
  • Description of the enumeration
  • At what time is the enumeration needed by the project (i.e. possibly with exemplary data only)
  • At what time is the enumeration completely and correct needed by the project.
  • Listing of the sets of values. Each item is defined by
    • Name
    • Description
    • Abbreviation
    • Range (to organise/order)
    • Periods of validy
    The listing can be complete or can only include exemplary items. This has to be taken down.
  • Arrangement of interfaces (interface classes)
  • Statement of the source, instance, reference etc, which defines the sets of values (e.g. employment instructions, wording of the law, etc.).
If the enumerations are available or have been available in the legacy systems, the relevent reference has to be taken down.

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Producing or changing from:

A-174 Define or update Enumeration Contents (key value tables)
A-284 Identify Enumerations (tables of key values)

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A-173 Integrate enumeration (key tables)
A-174 Define or update Enumeration Contents (key value tables)
A-175 Test enumerations (key values)



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