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E-161 Test concept

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The test concept should answering the following questions:

  • What tests should have run?
  • Who developes the test cases?
  • Who runs the tests?
  • Who is responsible for the tests?
  • Where does test and development come together?
  • Where will the tests are run?
  • Which tools should be used?
  • What guidelines and rules should be followed?
  • etc.
Possible test types are:
  • White and grey-box-tests by development
    • unit-test of a single class
    • chain test of a class with its object environment
    • modul test of a coherent group of classes
  • Black-box-tests by quality assurance or system #
    • integration test of the (partial) system which contain modules
    • system test
    • # by quality assurance
    • # by clients
If possible use a test driven design, because it supports the following maintanance.

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Producing or changing from:

A-254 Develop a test concept
A-256 Define the test concept
A-257 Update the test concept

Is needed for:

A-152 Define a test plan
A-257 Update the test concept
A-61 Produce/Define test cases
A-256 Define the test concept



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