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E-130 User questionnaire

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Action and Distrubution-results

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A questionnaire to evaluate the functionality, usability, usefulness and quality of a new application. Is used afterh user trainings and after product introductions.

It consists of following items:

  • General informations about the partizipant
  • Evaluation of the graphical suface (clarity, presentation, intuitive usability)
  • Functionality of the application
  • Support to use with the new system (e.g. help-system)
  • Quality and usefulenss of the training and the course documents
  • Quality and usefulenss of the introductions documents, handbooks, etc.
See also User questionnaire evaluation.

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Possible status:

Producing or changing from:

A-142 Train the hotline, the support and the multiplier
A-141 Train the users

Is needed for:

A-279 Analyse the user questionnaires



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