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E-2 Use case overview

Belong to:


Is part of:

E-20 Requirement specification
E-78 Preliminary study
E-83 Software development schedule


Describe each use case with:

  • name (use a noun and an active verb, e.g. "enter contract")
  • short description (1 - 3 sentences)
  • actor(s)
  • trigger
  • result(s)
Such use cases have the status "identified". If you find use cases which don't need to be supported or cannot be supported by the system, describe them in the same manner but mark them with "excluded". All use cases which have to be excluded are collected in an exluding requirements overview.

Result contains:


Possible status:

  • identified
  • excluded

  • Producing or changing from:

    A-226 Requirement workshop
    A-228 Requirement workshop
    A-128 Define a preliminary study
    A-276 Derive and identify system use cases
    A-275 Describe business requirements and rules

    Is needed for:

    A-176 Define an outline of the requirement specification
    A-15 Requirement specification
    A-229 Detail system use case
    A-228 Requirement workshop
    A-233 Develop a use case model with associations between system use cases
    A-236 Identify features
    A-232 Develop a design class modell and an evaluated sub system model


    Have name, short description, actors, trigger and results been noted for each use case?


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