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E-45 Dialog Component Specification

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E-46 Dialog- and Dialog Component Realization


The dialog component is the conclusion of a set of dialog elements (data entry fields, buttons, etc.) to a group. The summarized elements mostly have a technical coherence.

The specification consists of the description of the individual dialog elements. The following informations should be described:

  • Name of field/element
  • Type of dialog element (e.g. textfield, combo-box, button, etc.)
  • Mandatory field, if necessary conditions
  • Minimum/maximum length of data entry
  • Standard value
  • Conditions for disabled fields
  • Conditions for hidden fields
  • Field checks and error messages
  • Short info text (i.e. bubble help)
  • Long info text
  • If necessary, predefined set of values
  • Event to be triggered (e.g. in the case of buttons), if necessary conditions
  • Remarks

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A-26 Specify a dialog
A-229 Detail system use case

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A-86 Develop Dialogs and the Sequential Control



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