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E-20 Requirement specification

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E-136 System documentation


The requirement specification is a collection of single documents. It contains and describes all requirements on the system to be created.

The main document owns a cover sheet and an introduction. It also owns a date of issue. It's necessary to save it as a print document and also as an electronical document.

Depending on type and growth of the project the requirement specification should also include following informations, delivered by the project leadership:

  • Introduction (theme and aims)
  • Basic Informations about the system concept and also the development environment and the future environment
  • Border, priorities, constraints, time table
  • Requirements on quality, that is to classify the effort
  • Requirements on quality, that is to classify the effort
  • Distributiong of roles, resposibilities and tasks (Client, system user, system developer, etc.)
  • Quantity structure
  • Standard reactions for not planned events and data entry/system usability
At the end of the initialization phase and elaboration phase the requirement specification should be ####

In a later phase you are able to use the requirement specification as a quality instrument to controll on a high level wether the system include all important requirements or not. You can't use it to check datailled requierements, because these ones are found in a later development phase and not in the beginning of the project.

All changes during the elaboration and construction phase have to be reviewd on a change-management-cirlcle before bringing them into the requirement specification. All changes have to be agreed with the client/customer.

Result contains:

Use case overview
Use case model
Catalogue of project-external requirements and supplier services
Catalogue of project-external requirements and supplier services
Catalogue of outputs
Catalogue of non-functional requirements
Catalogue of system interfaces
Catalogue of external support activities
Catalogue of batch-programs
Dialog Prototype
Documentation of a business process
Business use case description
Descriptions for business use cases [essential]
Essence of Use Cases
List of Stakeholders
Actor model
Feature overview
Listing with active busines partners
coming soon 1
coming soon 9
Exclusion list
Change of requirement [decided]


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A-15 Requirement specification
A-176 Define an outline of the requirement specification

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A-15 Requirement specification
A-128 Define a preliminary study
A-187 Define a technical architecture model
A-134 Realize and test a domain related class
A-16 Plan iterations and deliveries
A-229 Detail system use case
A-228 Requirement workshop
A-249 Effort Estimation Workshop
A-294 coming soon
A-302 Test the release
A-284 Identify Enumerations (tables of key values)
A-305 coming soon
A-306 coming soon



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