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E-177 Configuration schedule

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The configuration schedule includes obligatory definitions of:

  • Version Management
    What objects of the project are versionized and how? This contains the concrete name of the version management tool and the syntax of the version numbers.
  • Name Guidelines
    Defined names for the different object types, e.g. special structured data file names.
  • Directory- and Package Structure
    Description of the organisation of the project objects and the packages structure of the UML Modelelements.
  • Development- and Testenvironment
    What applications, class libraries, etc. are run in what version on the workplace computers? This contains a description, how the environment has to be installed or configured.
  • Production environment
    Description of the production environment of the application, which has to be developed.

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Producing or changing from:

A-63 Define the configuration management

Is needed for:

A-168 Set up and fit the project environment
A-292 Daily Build and Smoketest
A-299 Develop the release



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