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E-4 Project schedule Project schedule

Belong to:


Is part of:

E-83 Software development schedule
E-35 Planning folder


The project schedule describes:

  • mile stones
  • activities
  • start and final date of the activities
  • ressources (staff)
  • planned effort
The project schedule has to be updated regularly whithin short intervals, so that it is possible to give current statements about the project situation and the progress.

Result contains:


Possible status:

Producing or changing from:

A-12 Plan the project
A-16 Plan iterations and deliveries
A-294 coming soon

Is needed for:

A-12 Plan the project
A-16 Plan iterations and deliveries
A-46 Define tasks for iteration i+1
A-147 Describe a project conclusion report
A-294 coming soon
A-300 Plan the test strategy


  • mile stones are defined
  • ressources have been completely added or marked as a defizit
  • the whole project is roughly organized into single activities
  • each single activity has a start and final date and also planned efforts
  • did the project management try to identify a critical path?

  • Patter/Example:

    : :

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