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E-140 Description of the Architecture

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E-83 Software development schedule
E-136 System documentation


The domain related architecture model describes the elementary domain system partition, i.e. in what individual sub systems the whole system is organised and how the individual parts work together.

This includes the definition of the tasks and the combination of sub systems for example of domain related components and technical components (Corba, EJB, etc.), the delimitation of the application development against existing frameworks and standard components, etc.

In general the architecture is evaluated by architecture prototypes.

The domain related architecture model has to be deduced and developed of the identified sub systems and interfaces as an UML-model. The technical layer model can be described as an UML-model or as a graphical presentation, the physical model as an UML-deploymentdiagram or graphical presentation.

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A-187 Define a technical architecture model
A-260 Develop a domain architecture model
A-213 Identify and restructure sub system dependencies

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A-246 Develop a Sub System Model and a first draft of the business class model, if necessary
A-260 Develop a domain architecture model



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