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E-127 Change of requirement [evaluated]

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A change of requirement includes the description about a request for of changing or widening, which should be considered. The alteration passes following states:

  • applied
  • evaluated
  • decided (agreed, declined, postponed)
In the state [evaluated] the alteration includes additional to the state [applied] the description of the decision about the alteration:
  • What subsystems are involved?
  • What happens, if the alteration won't be considered?
  • How will effort, duration and costs of the change be estimated?
  • How do well-chosen project memebers take position?

Result contains:


Possible status:

  • applied
  • evaluated
  • agreed
  • declined
  • postponed
  • passed on to the steering board

  • Producing or changing from:

    A-179 Assess a requirement change

    Is needed for:

    A-283 Approve the alteration of a requirement



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