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E-168 Workshop minutes

Belong to:


Is part of:


Describe the results of the workshop. The minutes includes following informations:

  • title of the workshop
  • date and place of the workshop
  • partizipants
  • date and author of the minutes and change directory
  • status of the minutes [draft | passed on for review | accepted]
  • results (with specific sub devision)

Result contains:


Possible status:

Producing or changing from:

A-239 Define the aim and the purpose of the business process modelling
A-237 Workshop: Define the modelling focus and describe the aims of the company
A-241 Workshop: Identify the business use cases of the active business partners
A-226 Requirement workshop
A-228 Requirement workshop
A-240 Identify active business partners

Is needed for:

A-238 Model the organisation units



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