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E-115 UML-Business-Class-Model

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E-20 Requirement specification


The UML-Business-Class-Model helps to understand the problem, i.e. it describes the requirements but not the solutions.
The business class model contains only UML basic constructions and should be understood by technical departments and system users. It contains general the names of technical business classes that are terms and their associations between each other. Important technical attributes and operations can also be contained.

It is not important that you are able to develop a design class model of the business class model. The business class model should represent the current understanding of the problem. It shouldn't contain wrong information or excluded requirements.

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A-226 Requirement workshop
A-230 UML-business-class-model
A-246 Develop a Sub System Model and a first draft of the business class model, if necessary
A-251 Consolidate the UML-business-class-models
A-259 Identify dialogue doubles
A-272 Develop a business class model

Is needed for:

A-204 Set up a glossary
A-229 Detail system use case
A-230 UML-business-class-model
A-232 Develop a design class modell and an evaluated sub system model
A-251 Consolidate the UML-business-class-models
A-274 Define State Models for State Relevant Business Classes
A-165 Identify Primitive Data Types


The model should be understandable for managers, system users and technical departments.


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