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E-23 Project risks

Belong to:


Is part of:

E-83 Software development schedule
E-78 Preliminary study
E-35 Planning folder


List of project risks. Each risk has:

  • title
  • short description (What is the risk and why does the risk exist?)
  • importance [ ++ | + | o | -- ] (result of admission probability and damage level)
  • concrete description
  • admission probability
  • actual damage level
  • measures for minimizing the admission
  • possible aktivities for the case of admission
All risk should be known by the project members, especially confidential risks.

Result contains:


Possible status:

Producing or changing from:

A-250 Risk management workshop (risks and success factors)
A-300 Plan the test strategy

Is needed for:

A-128 Define a preliminary study
A-249 Effort Estimation Workshop
A-256 Define the test concept
A-23 Evaluate the Architecture and the Software Development Environment
A-147 Describe a project conclusion report
A-306 coming soon



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