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E-24 Catalogue of all problems

Belong to:


Is part of:

E-35 Planning folder
E-83 Software development schedule
E-69 Architecture- and program description


Collection and organization of all problems of the project which have to be solved. Manage all problems by using a problem database.

All problems are listed by priority and have the same structure:

  • problem nr.
  • problem title
  • priority [urgent | important | standard | secondary]
  • type of problem [to clarify | to revise | to decide | otherwise]
  • current status [unprocessed | in process | okay/solved]
  • responsible person

Result contains:


Possible status:

Producing or changing from:

A-226 Requirement workshop
A-250 Risk management workshop (risks and success factors)
A-193 Analyse progress reports

Is needed for:

A-253 Make experience report of the project
A-294 coming soon
A-23 Evaluate the Architecture and the Software Development Environment
A-300 Plan the test strategy


  • Are all problems described in the problem database?
  • Does the database include current problems?
  • Are the problems in process?

  • Patter/Example:

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