Role Description

[Work on own experiences/completions]

.Project Quality Manager

Organisation Unit: .
Task: Is responsible to organise reviews:
  • Defines usuable measures for controlling on basis of the iteration objectives.
  • Prepares the measures (i.e. defines test cases, test datas, check lists, etc.).
  • Organise review events (i.e. defines the agenda, partizipants, objectives, time, place, etc.) and run them.
  • Describes review reports.
  • Knows the contractor/client and other important persons which are important for the project.
  • Has an extensive knowledge about the requirements and the conditions.
  • Knows the paradigm of the object oriented development.
  • Is able to motivate and lead the team.
  • Has a high presence and attention.

  • .Project Quality Manager is involved in the following activities:

    responsible: A-51 Test the sub system
    A-61 Produce/Define test cases
    A-302 Test the release
    A-303 coming soon
    A-152 Define a test plan
    A-153 Run the User Test
    A-193 Analyse progress reports
    A-254 Develop a test concept
    A-256 Define the test concept
    A-257 Update the test concept
    A-300 Plan the test strategy
    advisory: A-283 Approve the alteration of a requirement
    authorized: A-128 Define a preliminary study
    A-15 Requirement specification
    receive the result: A-258 Run a code review
    take actively part in: A-147 Describe a project conclusion report
    A-299 Develop the release
    A-137 Define a migration concept
    A-250 Risk management workshop (risks and success factors)
    A-253 Make experience report of the project
    A-252 Restructurine Workshop
    A-2 Define the project aims and the project order.Coordinate them with each other iteratively.
    A-95 Identify and specify project external requirements
    A-12 Plan the project
    A-249 Effort Estimation Workshop
    A-138 Prepare the data- and system migration

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