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Agile Systems Engineering

Ein Vortrag von Tim Weilkiens, Alexander Stein

The term „Agile“ seems to be well-known. Nevertheless, we will have a look on what „Agile“ really means. What – except the Oxford Dictionary – is the source of the term „Agile“.

Speaking of agile many people think of Scrum. A famous agile framework that has its origin in systems engineering, but is well-established in software engineering and many people think it is not possible to apply it in systems engineering. Another muddle of terms: do we engineer systems in an agile way or do we engineer agile systems.
If you are already deep in the muddle you can also think about the difference of agile and lean. And how the hell fits Kanban into that picture.

When we have cleaned up the muddle, we will look forward and cover scenarios and some hurdles of applying agile methods to systems engineering.

Presentation at SWISSED 2016, September 12th, Zurich