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Do’s and Don’ts in BPM- and EAM-activities, Jazoon, Zürich, Juni 2012

Ein Vortrag von Kim Nena Duggen

Three big enterprises from different sectors (government agency, utility company, insurance) with the same goals: to identify internal business processes and to describe the used enterprise architecture artifacts to be able to derive business capabilities, optimize organizational activities and IT-support, reduce costs, motivate employees, enhance flexibility and transparency, and many more.
But how and where to start?
In the last years companies have tried different approaches:
– enterprise wide project where the entire enterprise is described to identify company strategy, objectives, all business processes and enterprise and information technology architecture to then start continuous improvements
– small separated projects with different teams in different organizational focusses with process orientation and the commitment of everyone involved to fill the enterprise architecture e.g. via optimization projects, implementing organizational changes, gathering requirements for a new tool, etc.
– no enterprise-architecture-documentation at all based on the fear of producing „mothware“
So what is best practice for benefitting from EAM and BPM in your enterprise with appropriate time and effort? Learn the dos and don’ts for your own enterprise, while listening to this talk.