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Systems Engineering

Evaluating and Comparing MBSE Methodologies for Practitioners

Ein Vortrag von Tim Weilkiens, Axel Scheithauer, Marco Di Mao, Nils Klusmann

Presentation: IEEE International Symposium on Systems Engineering 2016, Edinburgh

The objective of Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE) is to provide the right tools to create and manage all life-cycle information in a pragmatic, concise, consistent and traceable way across the numerous perspectives and architectural levels. Its practical use, however, is currently impeded by a universal lack of experience and integration with development processes.

Interested engineers, therefore, find it difficult to select the methodology best suited for their particular context.

This paper proposes a Framework for the Evaluation of MBSE Methodologies for Practitioners (FEMMP) based on a catalogue of standard criteria to assess the practical use of the available
methodologies, which are evaluated using a standard case study.

The paper illustrates the evaluation process comparing the authors’ own methodologies: SYSMOD+ and the MDDM.