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Testen & Qualitätssicherung

Getting Involved – a Facilitation Toolbox to Foster Collaboration

Ein Vortrag von Christian Kram

Mob testing has been out there for a while. The main focus of it is a collaborative approach to test execution and generating ideas in exploratory testing. But how can you collaboratively work on other testing topics and get everyone involved?

Liberating Structures

This is where I have used Liberating structures (LS) successfully in the past. LS is a toolbox for organising meetings or workshops that will get everyone involved and generate actionable ideas. In this workshop you will not just get to know Liberating Structures as such, but experience a string of structures, that will generate knowledge from a group for testing related topics.

We will experience:

  • how to reveal misunderstandings and shortcomings in a testing process
  • how to generate ideas to deal with those shortcomings
  • how to ask for help and input for test analysis and test design in a structured way
  • how to develop a test strategy

A Highly Collaborative Setup

All of this will happen in a highly collaborative setup that fosters engagement from everyone to avoid common pitfalls such as the HiPPO-effect.

This workshop will be interactive as you will be participating in the structures yourself to fully experience the power they can offer and to see how great ideas will arise in a short time. We will be using collaboration tools where necessary, but the focus will definitely be on the group experience.

Tutorial at EuroSTAR 2021 Conference, 28 September 2021