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Systems Engineering

How should MBSE be applied to make it a sustainable strategy that delivers value over time?

Ein Vortrag von Tomas Huldt, Tim Weilkiens, David Long, Jonas Hallqvist

Paneldiskussion auf dem INCOSE-Symposium am 20. Juli 2016 in Edinburgh:

According to several examples, the implementation of MBSE has proved more extensive and
demanding than anticipated, which has led to several initiatives have been canceled or living an unobtrusive life’s in the suburban of the engineering community. Why?

Perhaps MBSE is not just a change in the way we perform SE?

Perhaps a successful implementation also requires major changes in how we conduct and manage company
portfolio strategies, product management and program and project management or even it requires more
deep changes in how we do business?

Perhaps MBSE is a paradigm shift that deserves and require a more profound change, involving more than
architects and engineers, in order to deliver high value?

Maybe we need to dust off old knowledge of how effective process reengineering should be performed and
use them in the context of MBSE?

Or maybe MBSE, as it is today, is not the way in to the future application of systems engineering?
This panel will elaborate around this topic and address common patterns when applying MBSE.