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Systems Engineering

Oh My God – It’s full of Models!

Ein Vortrag von Tim Weilkiens

UML, BPMN, SysML, fUML, CMMN, DMN, …lots of modeling languages all defined by the Object Management Group (OMG). Join my odyssey to the world of modeling!

We will look on the history of some common modeling languages and look forward on future versions and concepts of modeling. In particular I will cover the upcoming version 2 of SysML. We will have a look on some typical points of criticism on the SysML/UML

The journey will also lead us to some best practices and common pitfalls of modeling. I will uncover some open secrets of SysML/UML modeling: essential parts of modeling that rarely mentioned by books or other modeling sources.

Vortrag auf der MESCONF, am 6. Oktober 2016
Sprecher: Tim Weilkiens