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Realizing the full potential of Scrum – Scrum Gathering, Amsterdam 2010

Ein Vortrag von Markus Wittwer

The promise of „Transforming the world of work“ is for me not only the slogan of the Scrum Alliance but is also embedded in the way many Scrum trainers and coaches work (consciously or subconsciously). I firmly believe that this promise is part of the reason why Scrum is so successful as an agile framework.
Still for a long time I could not really figure out, what „Transforming the world of work“ exactly means and why people seem to be drawn to it. Then I came across the empirical model of Spiral Dynamics (SD).
SD describes the development of value systems in people and organizations. It explains
* why some people or organizations do not seem to get agile at all and transform it to „just the next new process model for software development“,
* why in some organizations the newly empowered Product Owner runs the house and the ScrumMaster has no chance of protecting the team and
* why in some other organizations teams are so busy with dealing with themselves that they forget that there work is supposed to deliver real business value.
SD helps me to understand what kind of world view/value system is active in an organization and to move the organization to the next level, where in fact there world of work is transformed.
The session will start with a 30 min intro into Spiral Dynamics with 3 exercise in which you will experience 3 different value systems. Then we move into a free flowing discussion of what SD means for each of the participants.