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Systems Engineering

Tackling Climate Change – a Systems Engineering Perspective

Ein Vortrag von Marco Di Mao, Tim Weilkiens

Climate Change is an unprecedented crisis for the planet, and we need to act fast! But it is a complex problem set in an even more complex environment making it such a fascinating, albeit enormous challenge! Luckily, more and more people, institutions, companies, and governments around the globe are working on solutions, many of them technological. The number of these engineering solutions is growing fast, featuring a broad selection of mechanisms to help revert the current trends in greenhouse gas accumulations in the atmosphere, and global warming in general.
Whatever the solution: It has to be developed for, and applied, tested, and evaluated within the complex contexts that are Earth’s atmosphere, its climate, and the many wildly diverse socio-technical and -economic structures existing within it. Sound familiar? Isn’t this the kind of problem that Systems Engineers are often claiming as “ours” to solve?

SE Perspective on Climate Change

So let’s discuss the wider SE perspective on tackling Climate Change:

  • Can SE really help developing more sustainable solutions that have less negative impact on their environment?
  • Can MBSE help to model the world’s relationships and identify the direct (positive) impact of solutions as well as the indirect (positive or negative) impact
  • What would be the modelling language for such an “SE World Model”? Are the promises of SysML2’s interoperability a step in the right direction?
  • Or is such a multi-discipline complexity beyond SE’s comfort zone and MBSE’s modelling capabilities?

Join us for a lively session to discuss hope, if nothing else!


Vortrag auf der SWISSED Conference, 6. September 2021, Zürich + online