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Soft Skills & Neue Arbeitswelten

Team Thinking Process – Humanizing the Digitalization

Ein Vortrag von Kim Nena Duggen, Tim Weilkiens

In this talk we are going to explain, what rabbits and turtles have to do with modern organizations, which aspects you need to check in order to develop your individual organization for the future by using the CYNEFIN Framework and how engaging your employees is making for a successfull process – the team-thining-process. Directly derived from Design Thinking the Team Thinking Process helps organizations to find the right „why“ for a change to digitalization. Moreover it is a process that directly engages the users concerned – the employees. We briefly show you, what steps are necessary and which methods should be used to find your individual digital organization model for a complex world.

The presentation will be in English!

Conference Talk at European Business Analysis Day, May 17, 2019 at Frankfurt/Germany