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Systems Engineering

The Answer Cannot Always be“Well, It Depends…“

Ein Vortrag von David Endler

 +++ Für diesen Vortrag wurde David Endler mit einem von drei Speaker-Preisen ausgezeichnet  – dies ist umso bemerkenswerter, da der Referent als Remote Speaker auf der Hybrid-Veranstaltung gesprochen hat+++


In Systems Engineering, it’s the Systems Engineer’s job to make tough decisions. In every system development, there are conflicting interests that must be balanced. Systems engineer have several powerful tools in his toolbelt to support those decisions. However, in most cases, these decisions are based on assumptions. As we’re dealing with complex systems, the problem can not be decomposed in smaller pieces and it is likely that the system has emergent properties that are still unknown. Consequently, many decisions have to be made with a significant degree of uncertainty. The presentation shows several approaches how people typically deal with complexity and which approaches are really needed.

Vortrag auf der SWISSED Conference, 6. Spetember 2021, Zürich + online