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Systems Engineering

What’s the ROI of MBSE? Wrong question!

Ein Vortrag von Bernd Busam

The honest answer for an ROI calculation on MBSE application is: You don’t even know when the project is finished. Maybe you could have known the ROI approximately, when you run your endeavor twice, staffed with two sets of engineering-twins locked in two Schrödinger’s cat boxes. One team is doing MBSE, the other don’t. Unfortunately, this strategy, besides other inconveniences, results in a difficult stakeholder relationship.
If you are a person, that calls reliable ROI figures your own, you’re probably already an experienced MBSE applier knowing the value of it. For those who have to argue for MBSE ROI in an accountable way, objectivity can be provided by reverting the question. So, let’s ask, what is the potential loss of invest, if you don’t do MBSE? Or, let’s better ask, what is the value of MBSE compared to your current way of working.
The talk shows a risk-management-based approach, that assess the cost, if an engineering process or task fails. MBSE is regarded as a risk mitigation and thus, provides value to a project or organization which emerges from MBSE application over the entire lifecycle.


Vortrag auf der  Model Based Systems Engineering Conference (MBSE CON), 16. März 2022, online