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Experience and understand design thinking – in EnglishExperience and understand design thinking – in English

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Unsere neuen Räumlichkeiten in der Schomburgstraße 50, 22767 Hamburg sind frisch bezogen! Die ersten Seminare finden bereits dort statt, allerdings sind in den nächsten Wochen auch noch einige Termine in anderen Räumen in Hamburg geplant.

Den Veranstaltungsort deines Seminars teilen wir dir in deiner Anmeldebestätigung mit. Bei Fragen kannst du dich gerne unter an uns wenden.

This seminar is held in English!

The translation of this website is still in progress. In the meantime, you can visit for a quick overview of our services in English.


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Design thinking is a method for solving complex problems and developing innovative ideas. It is an iterative, timebox-based process and a collection of techniques for disruptive innovation of products and services.

To truly understand how design thinking empowers us to come up with new and concise solution ideas, it’s best to give it a try.

In the two-day workshop, you will use self-selected use cases to learn which challenges are particularly suitable for using the Design Thinking method.

Focus your attention, let yourself be carried away by a fundamentally faster working pace and develop more convincing ideas with ease.

The content of the seminar is based on the Design Thinking process as shown in the following figure:

For more basic information on what design thinking is and how it works, watch the short lecture video: What is Design Thinking (german language)

Would you also like to attend the follow-up seminar DTF-ENG? And have time to attend both seminars within one week?
Then we have something for you: Attend both seminars within one week and we will give you 10% off the total price.


  • Examine of the subject and problem space
  • Determine together what is an appropriate challenge
  • Investigation of the topic and problem space
  • Developing personas and user-oriented perspectives
  • Brainstorming and other creative techniques
  • Idea visualization
  • Prototyping
  • In which context of other business processes is Design Thinking located?


None – Please note that only two people per company may register for the same seminar date to maintain group dynamics.