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IBM Rhapsody Essentials for System EngineersIBM Rhapsody Essentials for System Engineers

Model Based Systems Engineering with Rhapsody and SysML

This seminar is held in English!

The translation of this website is still in progress. In the meantime, you can visit for a quick overview of our services in English.


3-tägiges Seminar
€ 1.990,00 €
3-tägiges Seminar in Hamburg
€ 1.990,00 €
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In this training you will learn techniques to apply the Systems Modelling Language (SysML) with IBM Rhapsody. The aim is to gain practical experience in effectively using the modelling tool IBM-Rhapsody in a Systems Engineering Context.

The practical modelling experience is explored by creating a „real“ systems engineering model. The essential SysML diagrams are applied through typical model-based systems engineering activities, such as requirements analysis, system functional analysis and system design, and are applied in the exercises.

You will learn how to validate the model using the Rhapsody capabilities for Model Driven testing with executable models, including requirements coverage and requirements traceability. Advanced Rhapsody functionalities such as navigation, queries, tables, matrices, Rhapsody customisation, creation of profiles and stereotypes complete the training experience.


  • To use Rhapsody effectively in the context of a systems engineering process flow with the aim of ensuring that you are comfortable applying Rhapsody in all phases of systems engineering activities
  • To create systems level models with full requirements traceability, including impact and coverage analysis.
  • To validate systems models through model execution.
  • Learn and use advanced Rhapsody functionalities

The training can be hold in English as well as in German, depending on participants.


You will get effective insights into the Rhapsody capabilities and functionality.

Following topics are covered:

1. Overview Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), with SysML and Rhapsody.

2. Requirements Analysis:

  • Requirements, Taceability, Coverage and Impact Analysis, Modeling Use Cases, Tables and Matrix

3. Functional Analysis:

  • Modeling Behaviour (Activity Diagram, State Machines)
  • Modeling Basic Structure (Block Defintion Diagram)

4. Design Synthesis:

  • Decomposition, Allocation
    • Sequence Diagrams
    • Internal Block Diagram, Rhapsody Proxy Port Wizard, Interface Block, Swim-Lanes

5. Model Validation and advanced Rhapsody capabilities

  • Requirements Based Testing applying execution of the Models, Panel Diagram for Input / Output Simulation
  • Navigation, Queries, Custom Views, Rhapsody Customisation, Profiles


  • Systems Engineering experience
  • SysML know–how
  • Please take your own Notebook with Windows 7, 8 or 10 and 3 GB of free hard disc space