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Model-Based Systems Engineering with SysML incl. Certification – in EnglishModel-Based Systems Engineering with SysML incl. Certification – in English

This seminar is held in English!

Please note that our website is not available in English. Thank you for your understanding.


5-tägiges Seminar
€ 2.400,00
zzgl. Prüfungsgebühr: € 155
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Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is a key technology for successful system development. The International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) sees in its vision 2025 MBSE as the standard in systems engineering.

They learn and experience the methodical basics of model-based system development in a compact, practice-oriented training course. You will learn the standard OMG Systems Modeling Language (OMG SysML) and receive valuable first-hand tips for practical implementation. We are co-developers of SysML and actively involved in numerous MBSE projects. Based on the universal modeling methodology SYSMOD (Systems Modeling Toolbox), the training leads you from the system idea to the requirements and analysis to the system architecture.

You will experience what you have learned in a practical case study, which you will implement and discuss with the other participants during the seminar. Focusing on the essentials, you will work with SysML on flipcharts and metaplan walls. Your trainer will show you in common SysML tools how models are implemented in the tool.

The one-day preparation course for the OCSMP Model User Certificate rounds off the seminar on the last day. You will receive an internationally recognized confirmation that you have sound knowledge in the field of model-based systems engineering. In this training, we will prepare you for the OCSMP Model User exam and conduct the exam with you. You will immediately receive the result of the examination. oose is co-developer of the OCSMP certification and can optimally prepare you for the examination.


  • Introduction Systems Engineering and SysML/UML Introduction of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and SysML/UML
  • System context analysis and modeling of the system context Requirements in the system model
  • Use Case Analysis with Use Case Diagrams (use case diagram) Modelling of the use case flow with activity diagrams
  • Structural modeling with block diagrams (block definition diagram, internal block diagram) Modeling Interfaces with Ports
  • Behavior modeling with sequence and state diagrams (sequence diagram, state diagram) Modeling Parametric Relationships (parametric diagram)
  • Extension of SysML/UML with stereotypes and profiles Cross-sectional topics and model elements (allocation relationship, packages and package diagrams, traceability)


This training is aimed at systems engineers and system architects. The trainer can target this seminar directly at different target groups to appeal to both beginners and experienced developers. As standard, the training documents therefore contain a sequence of optional introductory or more detailed components.