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Soft Skills for Software Architects – in English SOFTSoft Skills for Software Architects – in English SOFT

Manage development teams successfully with architecture-relevant communication!

water Verlegung des Veranstaltungsortes aufgrund eines Wasserschadens

Bei uns in Hamburg gibt es sehr viel Wasser. Elbe, Alster und ab und zu mal soll es hier auch regnen. Dieses Mal kam es aus einem beschädigten Heizungsrohr, welches in unseren Seminarräumen für einen massiven Wasserschaden gesorgt hat. Leider sind die Räume für mehrere Monate nicht nutzbar, aber wir arbeiten mit Hochdruck daran, Alternativen anzubieten.

Viele unserer Seminare finden in unmittelbarer Nähe im betahaus | Schanze statt. Sie können sich bedenkenlos zu Seminaren anmelden! Für alle kurzfristigen Termine haben wir adäquate Ausweichoptionen in Hamburg gefunden.

This seminar is held in English!

The translation of this website is still in progress. In the meantime, you can visit for a quick overview of our services in English.


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Software architects are in the area of conflict between technology, people and historically grown environments. Technologically reasonable decisions have to be made and always have to be coordinated with people. The challenge is to find an appropriate balance between technology and people. In this course you will learn all the necessary communication tools to moderate groups in a goal-oriented manner – for example, when making architectural decisions. You will learn how to conduct meetings effectively and successfully with colleagues and experts.

You will experience how to make consensus finding transparent with the help of simultaneous visualization techniques, how to use them to gain insight into group discussions and how to document and secure usable work results.

You will learn how to moderate groups effectively and will have numerous opportunities to try out your own case studies. In addition, you will expand your repertoire of actions with basic skills of early conflict recognition. You will gain an insight into which conflicts you can deal with on your own responsibility and which you can deal with by delegation.

Our focus is on you internalizing different methods and techniques without losing sight of your personal style. In this way, you will also learn a great deal about your charisma and how you can further enhance your impact. In the numerous practical exercises, each participant gets the opportunity to try out and internalize the techniques presented.

iSAQB Accredited Training As preparation for the iSAQB Certified Professional for Software Architecture, Advanced Level (CPSA-A)
oose Innovative Informatik eG is a supporting member of the International Software Architecturere Qualification Board (iSAQB) since its foundation. We developed the curriculum for the CPSA Advanced Curriculum and subsequently designed the seminar according to these aspects. This means that you benefit from the first-hand experience of the idea contributors!

The seminar covers the area „communicative competence“ of the CPSA Advanced Curriculum and is licensed accordingly by iSAQB. If you are aiming for certification, you can have 30 credit points credited with your participation. Information on CPSA certification can be found here.

The seminar „Soft Skills for Architects (SofA)“ corresponds to the iSAQB Advanced Module „SOFT“.

  • The knowledge you take with you: You will learn the essential non-technical tools for survival in the project jungle.
  • For you we are at the pulse of time: You will receive first-hand information and experience reports from us, as our trainers are active as coaches and mediators in projects as well as specialist authors. In this way, you receive the contents in a practical way and find direct points of contact for their implementation in your everyday project work.


  • Explanatory models for the detection of communication defects
  • Typical discussion situations for architects in IT projects
  • Techniques for successfully conducting individual and group discussions (active listening, feedback)
  • Basics for simultaneous visualization on whiteboard, flipchart, metaplan wall, etc.
  • Basics for the goal-oriented preparation and execution of conversation situations
  • Moderating conversations
  • Handling objections and criticism constructively
  • Carry out conflict analysis according to requirements
  • Conflict management through delegation and ownership


No special requirements are necessary for this seminar.