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SysML-Light with IBM RhapsodySysML-Light with IBM Rhapsody

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Bei uns in Hamburg gibt es sehr viel Wasser. Elbe, Alster und ab und zu mal soll es hier auch regnen. Dieses Mal kam es aus einem beschädigten Heizungsrohr, welches in unseren Seminarräumen für einen massiven Wasserschaden gesorgt hat. Leider sind die Räume für mehrere Monate nicht nutzbar, aber wir arbeiten mit Hochdruck daran, Alternativen anzubieten.

Viele unserer Seminare finden in unmittelbarer Nähe im betahaus | Schanze statt. Sie können sich bedenkenlos zu Seminaren anmelden! Für alle kurzfristigen Termine haben wir adäquate Ausweichoptionen in Hamburg gefunden.

This seminar is held in English!

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SysML is too complex for you? The model elements do not fit exactly to your approach? How do you model mechanical parts, system hierarchies or requirements with more attributes than ID and text?

With this 4-day training we put you in a position to get started with a reduced SysML adapted to your concrete needs and the modeling tool IBM Rhapsody adapted to it.

With the help of a concept model, you will first determine the concepts and development artifacts that you need in your development process. Subsequently, you will derive a set of SysML model elements from the general SysML that fits this concept model. In addition to the exclusion of model elements, existing model elements must also be adapted in order to be able to represent your engineering concepts. For this purpose you will learn the standardized extension mechanism of profiles and stereotypes of SysML.

Last but not least, we will show you how to implement your own „SysML light“ in the IBM Rhapsody modeling tool. For this purpose, an expert from Evocean will show you how to customize the modeling tool according to your conceptual model and your specific SysML language set. In doing so, new language elements, specially compiled toolboxes and diagram types as well as model templates for IBM Rhapsody can be created. In addition, you will also receive valuable tips and assistance for the practical use of the tool in your project.


  • Creation of a conceptual model of an engineering process
  • Getting to know the architectures of the UML and SysML languages
  • Applying the modeling of profiles and stereotypes to adapt SysML
  • Customization of the modeling tool IBM Rhapsody


  • Basic knowledge of SysML/UML
  • First experiences with IBM Rhapsody