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Maximilian Voigt
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The Quality Evangelist – in EnglishThe Quality Evangelist – in English

Inspire quality across teams

This seminar is held in English!

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3-tägiges Seminar
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Lost in Transition?

Who sets the rules on agile teams? The team! Who is caring about testing on agile teams? The whole team! Who is responsible for the product quality? Not surprisingly: the team!

Agile testing is working in the team, but testing across teams is difficult?
The test manager’s suit does not really fit anymore?
Or in other words: there are testing topics beyond the team border, but no one is really dealing with those?

Bring in the Quality Evangelist. In the course we would like to discuss and develop ideas and ways to deal with the topics above. We will see what possibilities there are to deal with testing beyond the team in agile contexts and how to establish overarching structures – all of this in a self-organized manner and involving the teams. We will deal with different forms of organizational structures and see how an additional role that mirrors that of an agile coach may help to value testing and quality-related topics in a way customers expect it today. We will get to the toolbox of such a role as well.


  • Role description
  • Comprehensive quality process analysis
  • Decision making for teams
  • Risk-based strategies
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Transitioning to agile testing
  • Learning from mistakes…and bugs!
  • Structures and coordination beyond the team
  • Architectural basics for testers
  • Scaling frameworks


Knowledge about agile testing and agile development are helpful, but not necessary.