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What’s new in SysML 1.4 - SysML Diagram Interchange

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The Diagram Definition (DD - previously known as Diagram Interchange (DI)) is a format to exchange diagram data between tools. The data about diagrams is separated from the data about the model information. The interchange format for the model data is XMI (XML Metamodel Interchange; see XMI specification page).

The following figure depicts the whole picture of the SysML Diagram Interchange architecture. As well as SysML is an extension of UML, the SysML Diagram Interchange is an extension of the UML Diagram Interchange. And the UML DI is a specialization of the generic DD.

[caption id="attachment_1027" align="aligncenter" width="420"]SysML Diagram Interchange Architecture SysML Diagram Interchange Architecture[/caption]

Let us have a look on a simple example of a single use case. The next figure shows a SysML use case diagram with useless use case:

[caption id="attachment_1025" align="aligncenter" width="352"]A useless use case A useless use case[/caption]

The model data of the use case is an instance of the metaclass UseCase with the appropriate properties. The next figure depicts an extract of the model data by a instance specification:

[caption id="attachment_1023" align="aligncenter" width="364"]Instance of metaclass UseCase Instance of metaclass UseCase[/caption]

Using XMI exchanges the data of the use case in a XML-based format.

The diagram information of the use case covers data like position and size of the shape on the diagram. The information is an instance of the shape metamodel element of the DD:

[caption id="attachment_1024" align="aligncenter" width="450"]Diagram definition data of a use case Diagram definition data of a use case[/caption]

The SysML Diagram Interchange is an extension of the Diagram Definition. It covers special notation aspects of SysML. For instance the dashed control flow arrows in an activity diagram. The following figure depicts how this notation is implemented in SysML:

[caption id="attachment_1022" align="aligncenter" width="415"]Diagram definition of a SysML Activity Diagram Diagram definition of a SysML Activity Diagram[/caption]

The SysML Diagram Interchange is part of the non-normative appendix of the SysML 1.4 specification. That means a tool vendor must not provide the format to be 100% SysML compliant. However it is strongly recommended that it is provided by SysML modeling tools. Unfortunately I do not know a modeling tool that has implemented the diagram interchange format. If you know one, please drop a note as comment to this blogpost.

This was the last post of my blogpost series about the changes of SysML 1.4.